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Astèr Atèrla

Astèr Atèrla : Vue de l’exposition Astèr Atèrla, CCC OD, Tours, 2023. , Au premier plan, mur de gauche : Tatiana Patchama. Ce que le ciel emprunte a? la terre. 2021, dessin et collage sur papier, 65 x 50 cm., Au centre : Florans Féliks et le rond des femmes Kazkabar. Tr   

The exhibition

Whether they see it as a "turtle next to the left footprint of its friend the giant" formed by Madagascar and the Comoros, like Christian Jalma, or bond with its living ravines and flora, The artists from Reunion gathered in Tours for the exhibition Astèr Atèrla ("Here and now" in Creole) have in common that they explore, as a part of themselves, the small island of the Mascarene archipelago, far, far away, some 9,200 km from the tutelage of metropolitan France.

Extract from an article by Tom Laurent published in Art magazine N°108 Absolument.


07/07/2023 - 07/01/2024