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L'Entretien de la Peinture

L'Entretien de la Peinture : Portrait,  Huile sur bois,   29 x 24 cm Galerie Berthet-Aittouares   

The exhibition

L'Entretien de la peinture was initially a series of dialogues conducted by the painter and academic François Jeune, most of which were published in the journal Art Absolument and brought together in an eponymous book (Ed. de la Canopée), with contemporary artists of different generations.

L'Entretien de la peinture is an attempt to bring together different views and voices on contemporary painting, to discuss its orientations in order to express, nourish and maintain its practice.

L'Entretien de la peinture is an exhibition bringing together the works of 17 of these painters, because through practice and discussion, the exhibition makes it possible to "maintain painting, a second-hand vehicle that has already been used a great deal - but not out of use - in its persistence and not its resistance, constantly resurgent" (F. Jeune).

Photos du vernissage de L'exposition l'Entretien de la peinture le 6 mars 2021 CLIQUEZ ICI


06/03/2021 - 22/05/2021