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Roland Topor. Oh la la.

Roland Topor. Oh la la. : Roland Topor, Le cercueil sera trop petit, 1978. Courtesy de la galerie Anne Barrault, Paris.   

The exhibition

Twenty-five years after the death of the co-founder of the Panique movement, who was involved in press cartoons as well as in radio creation or the animation of Téléchat, a TV show for children, Roland Topor's works have lost none of their capacity to shape a "borderline" taste. In the thirty or so drawings and paintings brought together in Dijon, it is the scopic impulse that wins each time, more than the moral, except perhaps that of affirming the truth of an always licentious look. There is thus the voyeurism of the bombings of Tape à l'œil (1983) that the admonisher of Hercules (1981) sends back to us, the injunction to the sacred of a sphinx flatulating via the eruption of a volcano of Topor in Naples (1996) or the desire to deceive death in spite of everything, as in the drawing with the precise line Le cercueil sera trop petit (1978). Topor has therefore not finished bringing us back to this small death lurking behind the great basenesses.

Extract from the article by Tom Laurent published in the N°103 of the magazine Art Absolument. Publication on October 14, 2022.


01/07/2022 - 22/01/2023