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César & César & César...

César & César & César... : César, César & César & César..., Almine Rech, Paris June 12- July 31, 2021, Courtesy Almine Rech and César Foundation © Photo: Rebecca Fanuele   

The exhibition

"César has always looked back on his different paths," recalls Stéphanie Busuttil-Janssen, his latest companion and director of the Fondation César, who has organised the exhibition. There is a series of sculptures presented as a trio, with some happy combinations, such as the one between a Solex Compression, a Large Centaur's Head with a stratified face and a Black Expansion, whose undulating flows call for the observation of so many jerky constructions of volume. But more than this ensemble, in which this son of an Italian emigrant's taste for recovery vies with a penchant for the visible gleaming, for example, in the choice of a glittering violet for one of his compressions made with Fiat in 1998, it is the more humbly shaped César that catches the eye.

Extract from the article by Tom Laurent published in the N°97 of the review Art Absolument.


12/06/2021 - 31/07/2021