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Degann, "Meeting My Surroundings".


The exhibition

«I wanted to create the garden I never had. A chance to escape the concrete urban jungle and surround myself with nature.» With this exhibition, the Dutch artist Degann - whose real name is Anne de Groot - opens a window for us into this imagined garden where textures, lights, and details create a dreamlike ensemble brought to life with Chinese ink and watercolor.

In "Meeting My Surroundings", our senses blend, immersing us in an intimate exploration of nature where sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste all marvel. Degann's meticulous work truly forms the heart of this artistic and sensory immersion. She explains that "painting with Chinese ink is a search for light, or rather, it is about preserving the light. [...] Once the light is lost, it cannot be regained." This precious light reveals the hidden subtleties and vibrant textures of the natural world, where flowers, fruits, and sun-dappled forest paths fill the space and invite us to discover these miniature landscapes.

By Sélène Pottier.


07/06/2024 - 13/07/2024