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Thomas Devaux, Cet Obscur Objet de Désir.

Thomas Devaux, Cet Obscur Objet de Désir. : Thomas Devaux, Totem 74;09, 2024, verre dichroi?que, impression pigmentaire, cadre en aluminium avec feuille d'or 22 carats, 380 x 70 cm.   

The exhibition

In its majestic nave, the La Patinoire Royale Bach Gallery hosts an exhibition by the photographer and visual artist Thomas Devaux, titled "Cet obscur objet du désir" (This Obscure Object of Desire). It is thus under the auspices of Luis Buñuel that three emblematic series of his approach are brought together: "The Shoppers", "Rayons", and "Dichroics", through which he continues a research initiated over a decade ago around the themes of consumerism, sacredness, and the profane.

Behind the shimmering and seductive surfaces of his works, whose particularly meticulous and precious finish gives them a status bordering on that of the icon, Thomas Devaux invites us to take a critical look at our behaviors and our society which elevates consumption as the sole provider of happiness. "This obscure object of desire," says Florian Gaité, "appears as a plastic fable through which the public can become aware of its own consummation."

By Domitille d'Orgeval.


25/04/2024 - 27/07/2024