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Julien Thomast, "Un si joli petit pays".

Julien Thomast,   

The exhibition

Julien Thomast reveals his full-fledged artistic side at his exhibition at the Leica Store, Paris Beaumarchais. From May 17 to August 31, 2024, he will present his photographs highlighting Belgium, captured during various festivities in Binche, Wigene, Furnes, and Waterloo. "It's Such a Pretty Little Country" captures, through his lens, the often overlooked diversity of the Belgian territory. At the crossroads of Europe and imbued with Latin, Nordic, and Flemish culture, this land possesses a strong identity and a unique folklore, which the artist honors here.

"I wanted to be among those actors who live the past in the present and capture their involvement in the story they are playing to the point of wanting to change its ending." Drawing on his experience as an actor, Julien Thomast transposes this cinematographic approach into his photographs, offering us a series of poignant portraits featuring the actors who help maintain this rich culture.

Par Sélène Pottier.


17/05/2024 - 31/08/2024