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Noël Pasquier, Le bleu des arbres

Noël Pasquier, Le bleu des arbres : Vue de l'exposition   

The exhibition

Born from the meeting in 2022, at the Moderne Art Fair, on Véronique Smagghe's stand, between Jean-François Manier and Noël Pasquier, the exhibition "The Blue of Trees" aims to be an overview, showing diversity of the plastic production of an artist crossing the diversity of mediums in his quest for exploration. Nestled in a natural setting, between Haute-Loire and Ardèche, the Galerie L’Arbre Vagabond located in a former printing works, has been offering monographic exhibitions for more than 10 years. “The Blue of the Trees” is an opportunity to show what Noël Pasquier does not often show, including his tapestries such as the large wool mural “Castille” which welcomes the public at the entrance to the exhibition or the series “ Dunes” in smaller formats which reveals to us the relevance with which Noël Pasquier moves from one medium to another. Among the other mediums represented, we will be able to discover the full extent of Noël Pasquier's work as a visual artist on supports such as metal. His painting will also be widely represented and we will be able to find the palette of a painter in whom the freedom of execution is coupled with a strength of composition. This strength is found in the masses of colors to which sand, earth or even ash are added to the pigments. These additions bring the landscape within the canvas itself, what relevance therefore, to show this work in the heart of a place which places proximity to nature at the forefront of the visitor's experience. The synthesis of arts and mediums that Noël Pasquier implements in his work will be highlighted by a recital by Chantal Stigliani at the opening on April 7 at 5 p.m. This choice is not by chance, in fact, Noël Pasquier had the opportunity to exhibit in Chantal Stigliani's space on two occasions, and during a show in the Gaveau room where painters, actors and musicians were brought together. It is therefore an exhibition where the dialogue between the arts finds expression, just as in the production of Noël Pasquier throughout his career.


22/03/2024 - 31/07/2024


L'Arbre vagabond

(Le Chambon-sur-Lignon)