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Triennale Art & Industrie – Chaleur humaine.

Triennale Art & Industrie – Chaleur humaine. : Edmund Alleyn, Conditionnement III, 1966, FNAC 29372. Centre national des arts plastiques © Droits réservés / Cnap. Crédit photo : Philippe Rolle DOSSIER   

The exhibition

Conceived by Anna Colin and Camille Richert, this Triennale, following on from the first edition in 2019, which focused on the period of reconstruction, focuses on "practices representative of energy awareness". While some of these practices criticize their effects head-on, the 250-odd works on display, mainly between the Frac and LAAC buildings, are open to many other positions, from the adoption and adaptation of energy models, to attempts to show their implications, or to divert their means towards uses that are more poetic than industrial. Here, we find side by side Hans Haacke's MetroMobiltan "monument", denouncing the Mobil oil company's cultural patronage in 1985 as a smokescreen for its support of the South African Apartheid regime, and the MRVDV agency's experimentation with wind power for the Dutch pavilion at Expo 2000 in Hanover.

Extract from an article by Tom Laurent published in N°108 of Art Absolument magazine. Publication date: October 13, 2023.


10/06/2023 - 14/01/2024