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Miguel Chevalier. Digital Cosmologies

Miguel Chevalier. Digital Cosmologies : Miguel Chevalier, Pixels Liquides, 2023, logiciels : Cyrille Henry, Antoine Villerte, ©Julien Gremaud   

The exhibition

Exhibited all over the world, Miguel Chevalier has pulled off a tour de force by transforming the Chapelle du Pôle culturel in Thonon-les-Bains into a vast experimental space for the first time.

Taking advantage of the surface area of the chapel of the former Visitation convent, the pioneer of virtual and digital art is showcasing his large-scale work. Known for inviting the public to take on the dual role of spectator and actor, Miguel Chevalier uses new technologies to unsettle the senses. Digital tools enable him to create vast sensory experiences in which the viewer is placed in both static and dynamic situations.
Software, algorithms and 3D printers are all ways in which he sets up a dialogue between kinetic and optical art, creating a new pictorial language.
Whether in his "Digital cristaux" (2020) or "Extra-Natural" series, the artist plays with technology to appropriate the forms of nature. Her desire is not to mimic nature, but to use digital tools to materialise new variations of flowers or snowflakes to create new gardens. This work allows him to experiment with the notion of hybridisation and, above all, generativity. The installation entitled "Pixel's Liquides" (2023) illustrates these two notions by revealing a painting of light that moves as the viewer moves in front of the work. Interacting with each other, the coloured pixels mix and fuse as visitors pass by.

Orlane Bachelet


24/06/2023 - 23/09/2023