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Rodrigue Glombard et Raymond Médélice à la Fondation Clément

Rodrigue Glombard et Raymond Médélice à la Fondation Clément : Raymond Médélice, Autoportrait Médélice Raymond, 2007, Acrylique sur toile, 100x105cm   

The exhibition

Within the walls of the Fondation Clément, housed in a "remarkable garden", two exhibitions highlight a long artistic practice on the one hand, and a man who questions the passing of time on the other.

Charged with promoting the arts and cultural heritage of Martinique and the Caribbean, the Fondation Clément aims to showcase artists who have been forgotten and/or obscured for too long. This summer, Raymond Médélice, who has lived in Martinique for twenty-two years, is unveiling "30 years of pictorial creation". Bringing together a number of series, the public is confronted with a "militant, committed artist but with no one". His works focus on his impressions of current events and mystical codes, with a critical slant on society. Beyond simple aesthetics, Médélice's work bears witness to an assiduous observation of the Martinique context.
At the same time, Rodrigue Glombard, a visual artist equally at home in painting, photography, monumental installation and sculpture, is presenting works on his favourite theme: time, in the 'Instants' exhibition. His work demonstrates his desire to find plastic equivalents for the passage of time, fertilising more or less durable traces. Traces are transformed into forms and inscribed on paper, as in his collages in the series entitled 'New Breath'.
Even though the practices of these two men are very different, they are both sensitive to the upheavals our societies are experiencing.

Orlane Bachelet


21/07/2023 - 19/09/2023


Fondation Clément

(Le François)