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Médecines d'Asie. L'art de l'équilibre.

Médecines d'Asie. L'art de l'équilibre. : Vue de l’exposition Médecines d'Asie au musée Guimet, photo Thierry Ollivier   

The exhibition

The "art of balance" sums up the vision adopted by Asian doctors when it comes to caring for the body.

Focusing on preserving the patient's well-being, they follow to the letter the old saying that "prevention is better than cure". To this end, the body, thought of differently than in the West, is an echo of the cosmos. The flow that moves through our physical body is called Qi. If this 'vital breath' is disturbed, in the same way that Nature can be disturbed, the body suffers the consequences of this disruption in balance. To avert these dangers, the physician endeavours to ensure the harmony of the flows by promoting exercise, a healthy diet and therapeutic procedures such as acupuncture or heat stimulation, i.e. moxibustion.

Through two hundred works, the public is invited to admire the rich artistic production linked to medicines from China, Japan, Vietnam, Tibet and even the Himalayas. The strong link between medicine and the sacred encourages artists to engage in a form of aesthetic emulation. Creating works that are as educational as they are magical, the artists promulgate good habits for keeping a healthy mind in a healthy body. In this way, the sculptures, masks, garments and other objects representing protective divinities go beyond mere visual beauty to take on a useful function: prophylactic and apotropaic. Embroidery on the back of a child's kimono therefore combines beauty and protection to prevent an evil from striking at that very spot.

Orlane Bachelet


17/05/2023 - 18/09/2023