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Les Derniers Soulages 2010 – 2022

Les Derniers Soulages 2010 – 2022 : Vue de l’exposition Les Derniers Soulages 2010-2020, musée Soulages, Rodez, 2023.   

The exhibition

"It's what I do that teaches me what I'm looking for". These words, often repeated by Pierre Soulages in the many interviews he has given, aptly define what the exhibition Les derniers Soulages 2010-2022 offers visitors.

First and foremost, 'doing'. Right up to the end of his life, Pierre Soulages was a researcher: his last painting, 102 x 130 cm, 15 May 2022, produced in his studio in Sète a few months before his death on 25 October last year, demonstrates this through the increased thickness of its hollow brushstrokes. Including it in a selection of 39 works, all 'Outrenoirs', Les derniers Soulages underlines the constancy of these explorations through practice and confrontation with the medium: a 'doing' that for him necessarily leads to research, in the right combination of mastery and chance.

Extract from the article by Michaël Pasteger published in the N°107 de la revue Art Absolument. Publication date: July 13, 2023.


24/06/2023 - 07/01/2024