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Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck : Ron Mueck. Vue de l’exposition de Ron Mueck, Fondation Cartier, Paris, 2023. Mass. 2017, peinture polymère sur fibre de verre, 100 éléments. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Photo : © Marc Domage   

The exhibition

Taking advantage of the glass façade that marks the Fondation Cartier from the street, Ron Mueck's exhibition is as intriguing from the outside as it is from the inside. On the very site where he first made his name in France in 2005, the Australian, who has withdrawn from the world on the Isle of Wight, presents works that have never been seen before by the French public, contrasting with others dating from the 2000s, including the figures of newborn babies in Baby and A Girl, whose scales are tiny and hypertrophied respectively.

Extract from the article by Orlane Bachelet published in the N°107 de la revue Art Absolument. Publication date: July 13, 2023.


08/06/2023 - 05/11/2023