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Georges Braque, Jacques Bosser. Pour un art poétique

Georges Braque, Jacques Bosser. Pour un art poétique : Georges Braque. Giroflée Bleue. 1963, lithographie en couleurs, 38 × 28 cm, Tirage à 101 ex, Cat Raisonné Vallier   

The exhibition

Poetry is the key word in Colmar this summer. Within the walls of the Galerie Murmure, the works of Jacques Bosser and Georges Braque (1882-1963) are presented in an exhibition entitled "Pour un art poétique". The simultaneous viewing of their works strikes the viewer with their similarities: the use of flat tints of colour, the complementary yet conflicting relationship that chromatic pigments can have, and the recurrence of certain motifs. However, the expression of poetry in their art differs. Braque's coloured lithographs show a stylised style resulting from his quest for "the construction of the pictorial fact". The two main motifs are birds and flowers, which are the result of long observation by the artist. At the same time, Jacques Bosser presents paintings resulting from a play of combinations allowing him to develop luminous chromatic associations. Painting in successive layers, the artist plays with the effects of transparency and superstition to project a vibration on the eye. The dialogue between the works of the avant-garde artist and those of the contemporary artist lends the exhibition space a poetic and colourful atmosphere.

Orlane Bachelet


16/06/2023 - 02/09/2023