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Valérie Belin. L’incertaine beauté du monde.

Valérie Belin. L’incertaine beauté du monde. : HEROES, 2022, tirage pigmentaire, 173 x 130 cm Lady Heart ©Valérie Belin et Courtesy Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris/Bruxelles   

The exhibition

Returning to almost thirty years of practice, the Muba de Tourcoing exhibition recalls that Valérie Belin was already questioning the trouble between identity and individuality around 2000, when she photographed Moroccan brides, black and transgender women in series with well-defined protocols. And shows that this work also extends to objects, be it an engine or a bowl of fruit, which she distorts by pushing the accentuation of colors – just as she transforms the gaze of her models by saturating those of their eyes.

Excerpt from the article by Laurence d'Ist published in N°106 of the magazine Art Absolument. Release May 17, 2023.


17/03/2023 - 27/08/2023