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Martin Barré, les œuvres de la Fondation Gandur pour l’Art.

Martin Barré, les œuvres de la Fondation Gandur pour l’Art. : Martin Barré, sans titre, 1964 Acrylique et peinture glycérophtalique sur toile © Crédit photographique : Fondation Gandur pour l’Art, Genève. Photographe : André Morin © 2022, ProLitteris, Zurich   

The exhibition

"His painting is about gestures, but it is certainly not comparable to gestural abstraction, and even less to lyrical abstraction. It is in these words that Catherine Millet describes Barré's work. With his palette of colors reduced to black and brown tones, and his passage from brush to knife, to painting directly on the tube on the canvas, his works consist above all of a challenge to reduce the pictorial means. In the paintings presented, all of which are from the period 1956-1967, even the trace, that is, the space Barré leaves for the paint in space, is minimal, compared to the "background space" that sometimes encroaches on the edges of the colored form. In the spirit of this restricted use of matter, the areas in reserve, the textural effects and the recurrent choice to leave one side of his paintings blank assert the materiality of the work, which the titles reinforce (for example: 57-58-30-F4, 1957-1958). After Simon Hantaï and Judit Reigl, this exhibition is the third in the partnership between the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen and the Gandur Foundation for Art.

Extract from the article by Emma Noyant published in the N°105 de la revue Art Absolument. Publication date: March 17, 2023.


10/02/2023 - 18/09/2023