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L’Étoffe des Flamands. Mode et peinture au XVIIe siècle.

L’Étoffe des Flamands. Mode et peinture au XVIIe siècle. : Vues d'exposition © Ville du Mans   

The exhibition

This is an exhibition about fashion, but seen through the medium of painting, and what emerges is a social, economic, ideological and even political portrait of the 17th century Netherlands. In this exhibition, entitled The Fabric of the Flemish, we come across all strata of Flemish society at the time, from a Portrait of Archduchess Isabella of Austria (1603) to cabaret scenes, including a portrait of a bourgeois or a biblical figure, with its luxurious silks conferring a sacred aura. In addition, there are textile samples - including a pair of Cornelia Fagel's bridal gloves dated 1637 and a replica of a bourgeois woman's costume with a bustier and a strawberry neck - and trade letters. The sections of the exhibition cover the symbolism of the garment as well as its commercial aspects and its manufacture, particularly in the organization of work. In short, it depicts a world attached to textiles from the backstage to the social scene. Finally, because of the expensive aspect of these fabrics, it is also a question of a large part of the population not consuming these goods, and being satisfied with clothes cut in resistant and durable materials which protect them.

Extract from the article by Emma Noyant published in the N°104 de la revue Art Absolument. Published February 3, 2023


09/06/2023 - 02/10/2023