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Posada, génie de la gravure

Posada, génie de la gravure : El Niño de un Jeme Tom pouce gravure au burin colorisation au pochoir éd. Vanegas Arroyo coll. Mercurio López Casillas, Mexico   

The exhibition

If his calaveras, simple skulls or skeletons in clothes, are directly associated with his name, José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913), author of no less than a thousand prints, also worked in registers as varied as the illustration of children's stories, press cartoons in which humour is mixed with politics, songs and religious images. The Mexican, forgotten by all at the time of his death, owes the rediscovery of his work in the 1920s to Diego Rivera. Seeing his work as a symbol of cultural unity for his country, he considered Posada a precursor - before the Surrealists from Paris took notice of his images in which death laughs. Based on the collection of Mercurio López Casillas, the exhibition in Épinal is the first major retrospective of his work in France.

Extract from the article by Domitille Alibert published in the number 100 of the magazine Art Absolument, published on 18 March 2022.


05/02/2022 - 18/09/2022