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Matt Coco – La respiration d’un monstre tapi dans les profondeurs

Matt Coco – La respiration d’un monstre tapi dans les profondeurs : Bois OSB, encre de chine, et ensemble de faïences émaillées, dimensions variables, 2021. Matt Coco   

The exhibition

lassified as a historical monument, the luminous chapel of the Pénitents Noirs has developed a cultural influence of national scope in Aubagne. Hartung, Charles Sandison or Olivia Parodi have been seen there. Matt Coco, a multi-faceted artist born in 1974, conducts open research in different fields of installation. His exhibition is therefore a constant dialogue established in three large rooms between prints, drawings, paintings, ceramics, fabrics, frescoes and sculptures.
In creation, Matt Coco is first of all impregnated with the history of the site and the immediate environment. In this case, Aubagne having undergone floods, Matt Coco, inscribed in the air of a fragile world time, has chosen the disaster, natural or fantasized, as a starting point. The overall scenography, disturbing, scattered and chaotic, assumes this strategy. Its title, The Breathing of a Monster Lurking in the Depths - the latter are as much physical as mental - expresses perfectly this tension, scattered in the rooms, which upsets the ordinary of life in a period of collective unconsciousness. Subtle collapses and dislocated residues, poetically arranged in an airy and modest whole, constitute a striking set of distanced efficiency.

Extract of the article of Christian Noorbergen, published in the nº99 of the magazine Art Absolument.


30/11/2021 - 30/04/2022



Matt Coco