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Anna Stein - Topographies intimes

Anna Stein - Topographies intimes : © Anna Stein   

The exhibition

The artistic production of Anna Stein in the 1960s, a painter born in Budapest in 1936 and living in exile in Paris since 1957, owes both to tachism and abstract expressionism. In her practice, abstraction allows her to access self-expression: the artist summons autobiography to infuse vitality but also intimacy to her pictorial gesture. It is a real confrontation of form and formlessness that results, a pictorial struggle similar to the personal struggles of Anna Stein. In her exhibition Topographies Intimes, which looks back on this creative period at the Janus Pannonius Museum Contemporary Hungarian Gallery (Pécs, Hungary), only the titles of her paintings still refer to the real world, in contrast to these forms (or non-forms) with apparent geometry that clash and jostle. For all that, it is a work of reflection and not of improvisation, each element is consciously constructed but always leaves a part of the unconscious.

Raphaël LEVY.


22/11/2021 - 30/01/2022


Musée Janus Pannonius

(Pécs, Hongrie)


Anna Stein