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Monique Frydman - « Jubilation »

Monique Frydman - « Jubilation » : Monique Frydman - Un automne particulier n14 - encres de gravures et pigments sur toile de coton - 2020 32 x 32 x 4 cm   

The exhibition

At the Bogéna Gallery for the summer and then at the Grand Palais Éphémère in September, Monique Frydman's work invites visitors to go through her creations, observing the stages of their construction. The solo shows allow visitors to enter into the artist's creation, following its questioning and metamorphoses, leading up to her latest series, "Un automne particulier". Since the focus is on the creative origin that drives Monique Frydman, it is "jubilation" that sets the tone for these exhibitions, leaving in its wake works where colours and materials reign supreme.

Camille Renault

See the exhibition at Art Paris from September 8 to 12, 2021.


17/07/2021 - 15/08/2021


Galerie Bogéna

( Saint Paul de Vence)