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Juan Garaizabal. Fragment d’hier.

Juan Garaizabal. Fragment d’hier. : Fragment d’Hier – Château d’Aunoy  © Juan Garaizabal   

The exhibition

In the Château d'Aunoy, Juan Garaizabal materializes the memory of the French art of living, with its essential lines, always made of steel, drawing in the air the profile of a staircase, a table and chairs. Behind it, a vertical line rising towards the sky appears like a vault symbolically closing the interior space. Bogéna Gidrol is explicit about Garaizabal's propensity to reconcile antagonisms in his sculptures: past and future, interior and exterior, private and public are recurring themes in his work.

Extrait de l'article d’Emma Noyant publié dans le N°96 de la revue Art Absolument.


26/04/2021 - 31/12/2021


Château d'Aunoy