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L'Espace Art Absolument

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L' Espace Art Absolument is a place of exchange, exhibition and sale of works of art in the continuity of the work carried out by the magazine, in particular as regards aesthetic diversity and a presence of literature devoted to art, with a choice of books on the spot.
Located at 11, rue Louise Weiss in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, opposite Station F, it also hosts meetings of the Friends of Art Absolument, of which we invite you to become members.

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Juan Garaizabal. Du singulier à l'universel,


from september 15 to october 30, 2021

On September 15 the space Art Absolument invites the artist Juan Garaizabal. You can discover the sculptures of the artist alongside preparatory drawings of monumental works.
It is with the manifesto "Memorias Urbanas" a real protocol of thought and action that Juan Garaizabal proposes to free himself from both space and time. Since 2007 the conceptual artist has been traveling the world where he "draws in the air" architectural fragments, true relics of monuments of a vanished beauty.
The installation "First Model Of Lost" brings to life the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church (New York), a minimal evocation of the original perspectives whose brutality of concrete and steel tells us the heroic story of this building. Juan Garaizabal's drawings and installations bring together the cities of the world in one space, where each of the stories echo each other in a movement: from the singular to the universal.

You will also find the monograph of the artist,  published by Éditions Art Absolument.