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Bernard Cousinier

1942 (Castres)
Living in : Saint-Maur des Faussés
Working in : Saint-Maur des Faussés
Artist's webSite

Bernard Cousinier intends to revolutionize the geometric perception of space, appropriating architectural constraints and transforming them into assets. This need to modulate volumes and colors can be read in two dualities: carpentry and painting on the one hand; physical space and mental space on the other, which the artist strives to combine. The visitor's interaction with Cousinier's work is inevitable, and he is sometimes an actor and sometimes an extra. While moving in the room, the multiplicity of visuals offers itself to the glance and one enters the game of the artist, who imposes his rhythm to the space by insufflating him a tension.

Aloïs Angebault

Artist's exhibitions

L'Entretien de la Peinture

06/03/2021 - 22/05/2021
(Paris) Espace Art Absolument

De la peinture, dans tous les sens... et à tous les étages !

17/03/2013 - 02/06/2013
(Bignan) Domaine de Kerguéhennec