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Albert Marquet

1875 (Bordeaux) / 1947 (Paris)

Although he actively participated in the salons with his fellow painters, Marquet's Fauvism was not that of Matisse or Derain. He himself does not consider himself a "pure Fauvist". As early as 1901, he innovated with Matisse by using pure tones on his canvases, but he soon moved away from the clash of colors, more attracted by the treatment of Japanese prints, their concise composition and simplified forms. Marquet seems to have made Hokusai's formula his own: "To manage not to draw a dot that is not alive." Matisse - who enters straight into the color, a vector of expression of subjectivity - analyzes their differences as follows: "Marquet is quite realistic, he does not interpret the colors; he attaches himself rather to the values and lines, preferring a palette of shades of gray or blue or rainy atmospheres that highlight the cities ... he will always be our Hokusai."

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09/11/2019 - 09/02/2020
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Marquet. La Méditerranée, d’une rive à l’autre

28/06/2019 - 03/11/2019
(Sète) Musée Paul Valéry

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