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Pascal Convert

1957 (Mont-de-Marsan)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
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"The situation of contemporary art is difficult. The way we talk about it revolves almost exclusively around money and the market, it becomes tiresome. What I wish to achieve, in this kind of situation, is to open possibilities. When you're an artist, you're a bit like a Trojan horse, your presence allows you to carry out complex operations - such as a 3D scan of the entire cliff - both on a political level and on a more material level, such as security. We must not forget that Afghanistan is a country at war. However, I don't think I've made an exemplary gesture. The political question runs through my work, especially since the sculptures I made in the 2000s from press icons, The Pietà of Kosovo or The Madonna of Bentalha."
Pascal Convert

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Saison d’art 2021 au Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

03/04/2021 - 01/11/2021
(Chaumont-sur-Loire) Domaine régional de Chaumont sur Loire

Des images et des hommes, Bamiyan 20 après

24/02/2021 - 21/06/2021
(Paris) Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet

L’Asie maintenant.

16/10/2019 - 24/02/2020
(Paris) Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet