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Anya Belyat-Giunta

1975 (Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
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Amélie Adamo: What does "drawing" mean to you?
Anya Belyat-Giunta: I remember drawing a character from a fairy tale when I was three years old. It was so realistic that I was afraid the figure would jump out at me. From that moment on, I never stopped drawing, but I became very quiet! Then there was the exile of my family, with the departure from Russia. During that time, drawing was my life and helped me to confront the fear of the unknown. Since then it has kept this place. I have the impression that I exist only through my drawings.
Drawing is like a hair that pierces the skin of reality. It pierces it like a needle and bursts it, scatters it into pieces. Reality as we know it no longer exists. For me, drawing means seeing in the dark, guided by the light of the line, no longer being blind. Drawing does not allow any flaws, any mistakes. I insist on the accuracy of the line because it carries spiritual energies. These energies give us chills and lead us elsewhere, in silence.

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Christine Sefolosha, Waldszenen / Anya Belyat-Giunta, Terra Incognita

09/10/2014 - 05/11/2014
(Paris) Galerie Polad-Hardouin


22/11/2012 - 05/01/2013
(Paris) Galerie Polad-Hardouin