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Alain Bublex

1961 (Lyon)
Living in : Lyon and Paris
Working in : Lyon and Paris
Artist's gallery

Alain Bublex, a former industrial designer at Renault who has become a contemporary artist, has had a surprising career. From his past, he has kept a sense of innovation and a taste for experimentation. But not being one to be satisfied with a single idea, he perceives in the field of contemporary creation the possibility of reopening, he says, "the doors too quickly closed". Alain Bublex thus revisits the notion of contemporaneity in the sense in which Roland Barthes understood it: "The contemporary is the inactual."

Artist's issues

Artist's exhibitions

L’art est une construction

04/07/2014 - 27/10/2014
(Montpellier) FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon

Nos meilleurs souvenirs. Expérience Pommery #8.

15/09/2010 - 31/07/2011
(Reims) Domaine Pommery