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Andrea Mantegna

1431 (Isola di Cartura) / 1506 (Mantoue)

"Like Picasso who never stops finding, Mantegna never stops surprising, and does so deliberately. His most intense works of the 1480s-1490s, his "Dead Christ" in Milan and his "Saint Sebastian" in the Louvre, in their ochre-brown monochromatism, their staggering research into perspective and their decadence with cut-out figures, may well be compared to the great Spaniard's most hermetic Cubist works. They have the same incomprehensible aspect of "sunken cathedrals" and practice the same search for a new space - in one case with the perspective, then incipient, in the other case, against the perspective become moribund."
Emmanuel Daydé, Art Absolument n°26, September 2008

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De Dürer à Mantegna, Gravures Renaissance de la collection Leber.

30/09/2010 - 28/11/2010
(Reims) Musée des Beaux-Arts de Reims