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Yazid Oulab

1958 (Constantine)
Living in : Marseille
Working in : Marseille
Artist's gallery

Graduated from the Marseille School of Fine Arts, he uses media as diverse as drawing, sculpture, photography and video. He explores the theme of connection and transmission, which he transposes into works of impressive polysemy. His work is open to interpretation. "My work is my biography. My father is a worker and my mother is an intellectual. I am the result of both. At the base of my work, there is the tool of the worker, then there is the reflection, the spirit and thus the knowledge". He is also inspired by "Sufi" poetics to create works imbued with spirituality, memories of his arrival in France, working-class, sexual or psychological connotations. The spiritual path is one of the keys to reading his work. According to Jean de Loisy: "The paradox of Yazid Oulab's work is that he manages to be radically contemporary while at the same time rooting his work in an ancient spiritual tradition, the signs of which he renews while exalting its meaning.

Artist's issues

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Artist's movies

Yazid Oulab, D'une Rive à l'autre de la Méditerranée.

28/02/2024 - 28/02/2024
Film de Francois Castelot pour la Fondation Villa Datris, pour la sculpture contemporaine. Remerciement à Danièle Marcovici et à Yazid Oulab.

L'espace de la pensée

28/02/2024 - 28/02/2024
À l'occasion de l'exposition l'Espace de la Pensée à L'espace Art Absolument en décembre 2017 Film de Alain Chêne, RLHD.TV. durée : 2,34''

Artist's exhibitions

Art Absolument, 20 ans avec les artistes

15/03/2022 - 02/04/2022
(Paris) Espace Art Absolument

Yazid Oulab - Les outils de la peinture

13/06/2021 - 22/08/2021
(Saint-Restitut) Centre d'Art Contemporain de Saint-Restitut

Une Œuvre, Un.e Artiste, Un Jour

30/06/2020 - 15/09/2020
(Paris) Espace Art Absolument

Abonnez-vous à Art Absolument

YAZID OULAB. L'Espace de la pensée

15/12/2017 - 27/01/2018
(Paris) Espace Art Absolument

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