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Mounir Fatmi

1970 (Tanger)
Living in : Paris, Tanger
Working in : Paris, Tanger
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His art points to the relationship between the individual and the group and at the same time raises the question of censorship, whether social or religious. He constructs political and existential spaces and language games. His work deals directly, on different types of media, with oriental culture in general and the Muslim religion in particular. He chooses to deal with its particularities, its history, its manifestations and its position within a global geopolitical context, sometimes considered through the media prism. Mounir Fatmi's work questions and overturns established systems by opening up multiple paths (there is often talk of networks in his work). His videos, installations, drawings, paintings and sculptures reveal our ambiguities, doubts, fears and desires. At first sight, exotic or unknown, they metamorphose, with an almost arrogant obviousness, into universal objects. In this sense, they mark the advent of a form of global consciousness rather than that of a personal struggle.

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Mounir Fatmi

20/07/2024 - 20/07/2024
Artiste : Mounir Fatmi Titre : Save Manhattan 03 Sound architecture Production : studiofatmi Projet : mounir fatmi Son : Dave Lacombe / mounir fatmi / Benoit Hénon Durée : 5.02 mn Année : 2004

Artist's exhibitions

6e Biennale de Marrakech - Quoi de neuf là ?

24/02/2016 - 08/05/2016
(Marrakech) Palais Badii

Le Maroc contemporain

15/10/2014 - 01/03/2015
(Paris) Institut du monde arabe

Songs of Loss and Songs of Love : Oum Kalthoum and Lee Nan-Young

20/05/2014 - 13/07/2014
(Gwangju (Corée du Sud)) Gwangju Museum Of Art

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La disparition des lucioles - Collection Lambert en Avignon

18/05/2014 - 25/11/2014
(Avignon) Prison Sainte-Anne

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