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François Jeune

1953 (Lyon)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
Artist's gallery

François Jeune is a painter. He was born in Lyon in 1953. He lives and works in his studios at the Bateau-Lavoir in Paris and at Le Hézo on the shores of the Gulf of Morbihan, where he pursues an experiment in the gesture of colour.

Water is his medium and his motif for a play of shapes and colours. Ink, pigment and acrylic flows on non-woven rolls which are transformed into Murals in a montage of Panels, which become Paintings.

His latest solo exhibitions: in 2018 En vert dans le bleu Librairie galerie La Folie en tête La Réole, in 2017 Blue in green Galerie Frank Gerlitzki Diekirch, Luxembourg and in 2016 Peintures 2010-2016 Ancienne galerie Regards Paris and Flux Galerie Caron-Bedout in Villeneuve sur Yonne.

François Jeune published in 2020 at La Canopée a book entitled L'Entretien de la peinture gathering his articles and interviews, most of them in the review (art absolument) with about twenty contemporary painters. This constant concern for a conversation around painting makes him multiply duet exhibitions as in 2015 Ateliers d'eau et de feu Galerie Eric Devlin with Suzelle Levasseur Montréal and in 2008 Polyfonia, gallery Il Fondaco Bra, Turin with Jean Gaudaire -Thor.

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l'Entretien de la Peinture - François Jeune

28/02/2024 - 28/02/2024
Dans le cadre de l'exposition l'Entretien de la Peinture, rencontre avec François Jeune et Tom Laurent

Artist's exhibitions

Art Absolument, 20 ans avec les artistes

15/03/2022 - 02/04/2022
(Paris) Espace Art Absolument

L'Entretien de la Peinture

06/03/2021 - 22/05/2021
(Paris) Espace Art Absolument

Préhistoire et art contemporain

13/07/2019 - 18/08/2019
(Le Hezo) Atelier du Hezo / Art contemporain


36/36 Les artistes fêtent les 80 ans des congés payés

17/06/2016 - 10/09/2016
(Paris) Assemblée Nationale

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